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Governor Palin on President Obama’s “high crimes” worthy of impeachment

From Governor Palin:

When President Obama traded one deserter for five evil terrorists hell-bent on destroying America, rational people did not believe the Obama administration’s claims about this traitor’s “health crisis,” or claims that he served “with honor and distinction,” and certainly not President Obama’s claim that this was a good deal for America.

After putting the country in danger, President Obama celebrated Bergdahl in our Rose Garden, arm in arm with his smiling father greeting Americans in Arabic and Pashtu, as our loyal troops cringed. In fact, in the days that followed, the Obama administration actually smeared the vets who came forward to tell the truth about Bergdahl’s traitorous desertion.

Now finally public disclosure tells the truth – that Bergdahl is a deserter. In my book, he is a traitor. Also, reports show the majority of the terrorist leaders Obama set free in exchange for this deserter have taken steps to hook up with the enemy – their Taliban pals in Afghanistan. As rational Americans predicted, the prisoners didn’t see the light while being freed at Gitmo, instead they burrowed further in the darkness of jihad, laughing all the way back to the battlefield to rejoin their death cult in the fight against U.S. troops, for when they are soon released from probation in Qatar, nothing stops them.

President Obama’s prisoner swap clearly undermined our forces during a time of war; he violated law by releasing terrorist prisoners without giving Congress the required 30 days’ advance notice; he created more distrust among our allies; he disrespected our loyal and sacrificial troops by actually honoring a traitor; and most significantly, our own Commander-in-chief endangered America.

Congress, if putting our nation in danger doesn’t rise to the level of “high crimes,” then nothing does. But since you’ve unequivocally and inexplicably taken impeachment off the table for anything Obama does while on your watch, what do you intend to do about this? [emphasis mine] If you do your job as balancers of power, we can surely expect repercussions, correct? While you’re thinking about your responsibility, consider the men who DID serve with honor and distinction, but of course were never celebrated in our Rose Garden. These men of courage and good character were killed while obeying orders to find and protect the celebrated deserter Bergdahl.

Mr. President, if you can pull yourself away from your all-important basketball brackets and buckets of popcorn, you too should take a good look at these selfless young troops who gave all for their country. We await your explanation on all of this; certainly even a complicit media deserves it. More importantly though, the families of our fallen heroes deserve the most heartfelt apology.

– Sarah Palin

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From Governor Palin:

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint meeting of our Congress. You’d think the Obama administration would welcome the insights of the leader of our closest ally in the Middle East. But President Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry have refused to attend. In fact, no member of the Obama administration is expected to attend.

This is a shocking insult to our ally, and it all boils down to the Obama administration’s refusal to understand the danger of a nuclear Iran.

All of the Obama administration’s many failures in the Middle East – from the descent of Libya into a terrorist playground to the rise of ISIS – pale in comparison to the farce unfolding in Iran. The Obama administration is negotiating with the Iranian regime as it builds a nuclear bomb right under our noses.

Just recently we found out about another “secret” undisclosed nuclear site, one Iran failed to disclose to our negotiators. At this point, the Obama administration’s eagerness to strike a deal with a regime that has armed militants who killed American troops and has sworn to destroy Israel is one of the most dangerous developments of my lifetime.

America has to wake up. We swore “never again” would we allow anyone to try to wipe out the Jewish people or commit mass genocide like we saw during World War II, and yet we’re allowing a regime that promises genocide to acquire nukes.

This is why I urge you all to express your support for Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is right now speaking as the leader of the free world in addressing this existential threat of a nuclear Iran. Please tweet and share this post and use the hashtag #StandWithBibi

Let our friends in Israel know we stand with them!

– Sarah Palin

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Governor Palin Speaks Up for the Military at CPAC 2015

This video includes the introduction by Medal of Honor winner, Dakota Meyer.

Thanks to US for Palin for the video.

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Governor Palin Speaks with Sean Hannity

Thanks to iizthatiiz for the video.

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Governor Palin Speaks at the Iowa Freedom Summit

Kudos to Representative Steve King for organizing the Freedom Summit, though he did botch her introduction with factual errors. But he did a great job organizing the event.

Thanks to iizthatiiz for the video.

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Governor Palin Invites Prime Minister Netanyahu to Visit America’s Heartland

From Governor Palin:

Kudos to Speaker Boehner for inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress. Like most Americans, I’m scratching my head wondering how President Obama can take time from imperative administrative duties AND his golf schedule to sit down for a peculiar interview with a neon-lipped YouTube blogger whose claim to fame is publicly eating Fruit Loops while submerged in a bathtub of milk, but he can’t find even a minute to meet with one of America’s closest and most important allies. We knew Barack Obama was green, but not this green. The White House goes out of its way to snub and smear the Israeli Prime Minister, while at the same time smiling and shaking hands with Iran. They never cease to amaze and defy good sense.

To add insult to injury, liberal organizations (see here: that claim to be pro-Israel are actually trying to stop our friend and partner in peace from speaking before our Congress. The good people of Israel must know that the majority of Americans are very happy to hear from their brave and honorable Prime Minister; we welcome him back to the USA! In fact, let us invite Bibi to “go rogue” and come to our heartland instead of the DC bubble this time and we’ll show him through open hearts, open minds, and countless standing ovations that we respect his commitment to peace. We love Israel. We will show their leader respect for his tough and practical stance against a nation that boasts its intentions to destroy both Israel and America. In this, Bibi Netanyahu is more the leader of the free world than he who should know better.

Please come to America’s heartland this time, Prime Minister. Allow We the People to thank Israel for remaining a beacon of freedom and democracy in a desperately troubled corner of the world.

– Sarah Palin

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Governor Palin’s Response to the SOTU

From Governor Palin:

Despite all the happy talk and rainbow kisses in his second to last State of the Union address, President Obama has utterly failed middle class Americans who are making less and spending more to survive in his economy. And he has no real plan to help them.

I’m no special pleader for the super rich. They can take care of themselves, and Barack Obama has been the friend of every crony capitalist on Wall Street attending his $30,000-a-plate fundraisers. So, it’s really galling to hear this President pretend to care about the little guy.

Let’s be honest. Tinkering in the margins of the tax code isn’t going to bring lasting prosperity to America’s middle class. Our tax code needs major reform. Mr. President, if you truly seek equality in the tax code, then let’s talk about a flat tax. Let’s get rid of all the loop holes carved out by the wealthy and politically connected. Bring us together to pass sensible flat tax legislation. Every American will thank you on tax day! The only people who will hate this are those who are benefitting from the current convoluted tax code with its thousands of special interest exemptions and carve-outs. Enough of this faux-populism about taxing the rich while protecting the broken tax code that benefits them. Mr. President, if you truly care about equality and fairness, give us a sensible flat tax.

The tax code isn’t the only thing standing in the way of prosperity in America. The middle class needs good paying jobs that can sustain a family. No American should be stuck in a entry level minimum wage job for their entire life. We want Americans to climb the economic ladder, not get stuck on the first rung. To create those good paying jobs, we need to address the problems standing in the way of job creation. We need to replace job-killing legislation like Obamacare, which has failed on every level by making health care more expensive for average Americans while providing them with less choices and worse care. We need to consider the consequences of policies like the 1,200 new regulations the Obama administration rammed through last month in the 15 days right before the new year – regulations that will cost the American taxpayer $181 billion in new fees and further stymie job growth. Ask yourself, is it easier today under Barack Obama’s policies to open a business and hire people or is it harder? ‘Nuff said.

Nothing was said tonight about our staggering $18 trillion national debt, which increased by $7.5 trillion under Obama. Our debt is a ticking time bomb, but for the permanent political class in DC that ticking sound is just ambient noise to lull yourself to sleep. Some of us would like to address the debt before it blows up in our faces. That’s what responsible leaders do. They don’t glibly make promises for more free goodies they know we can’t afford to keep.

I have little hope that we’ll see honest leadership from the White House. Nothing in tonight’s speech indicates that the Obama administration will stop hurting the middle class with its failed policies. (And it was just a bit much to listen to the most polarizing partisan president of our lifetime – who rammed through his signature legislation without any input from the GOP – lecture us about working together now that the GOP controls Congress. Your actions speak so much louder than your words, Mr. President.)

We need to look for new leadership in Congress to put forward a positive agenda of prosperity for every American. Hang in there, America. Real hope for change is just around the corner in 2016.

– Sarah Palin

PS – There’s no need to comment on foreign policy tonight because President Obama essentially didn’t comment on it either. He’s so far over his head with what seems like personal confusion on who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. His foreign policy is so obviously a colossal and dangerous failure that I guess there’s no need to spell it out for everyone. Just watch the news. It’s unraveling daily.

Read the original, with a terrific photo commentary, here.

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