Hello, my fellow Americans!

Hi all:

This blog is inspired by Texas for Sarah Palin. As you can see by the tag line above, I think we need a “‘Insert state name’ for Sarah Palin” blog for every state.

I make no boasts about understanding WordPress; I find it approximately 8,000x harder to use than blogger. But since Google is in bed with Obama in the most egregious case of crony capitalism that we’ve seen in decades – to the tune of the U.S. missing out on something like $4 billion in taxes from Google – I’m trying to get off of Google in any way, shape, or form.

Incidentally, to that point, might I suggest using GoodSearch instead of Google for searches and GoodShop instead of Google for online shopping. With both of these sites, you can designate your favorite charity to get a donation every time you search or shop.

But I digress … for a good cause … 😉

So CT folks, come and join in; and those from other states, get your state site up and running! 🙂

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