“Palin Aides Relish Beltway’s Skepticism” from Scott Controy

Here are some excerpts from a surprisingly positive piece on RealClearPolitics today:

… Meanwhile, Palin’s small inner circle kept their eyes on the prize, pausing every now and then to chuckle at the dismissiveness of the Beltway establishment.

“Look at what’s happened over the past two years, and you tell me that we don’t have a more effective strategy than our peers,” Palin aide Michael Goldfarb told RealClearPolitics. “Who’s been able to get their message out more effectively? Who’s had greater influence? And you tell me why we should play by the same rules that the press wants everybody to play by. It doesn’t make any sense.” …

And this is one of my favorite lines:

… “She’s been very effective at setting up a new paradigm for communicating with people, and it’s been a great success,” Goldfarb said. “If that marginalizes reporters sometimes, well then boo-hoo.” …

That makes me happy. 🙂

And there’s this:

… SarahPAC officials have begun fielding more frequent calls from reporters asking about her revamped focus on policy and newly candid statements about being interested in the presidency, leading Palin confidantes to jokingly speculate that “the Beltway herd” suddenly woke up and decided that she is indeed serious about a presidential run after someone began talking about it at a cocktail party.

“She hasn’t changed her statement that ‘if the door is open, I’ll go through it’; she hasn’t changed in any way what she’s said all along.” Rebecca Mansour, a close Palin aide told RealClearPolitics. “None of them really understand her or get her in a lot of ways. They underestimate her, which makes me laugh. They don’t really understand how she thinks. She always keeps them guessing because they just don’t get it.” …

One more informational tidbit:

… A visit to Israel is high on Palin’s current to-do list, and her staff is still hoping to arrange a trip for her to meet with one of her political heroines, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Palin has taken a particular interest in the European debt crisis as of late, and SarahPAC recently hired Joshua Livestro – a Dutch newspaper columnist who has also contributed to the pro-Palin web site Conservatives4Palin.com – to research the topic for Palin on a freelance basis. …

But seriously, there’s much more fascinating material in this article, so I highly recommend you go give it a whirl.

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