Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Lieberman

1. Since this is a Connecticut for Sarah Palin blog, I want to point out specific news of CT interest: Let’s start with another excerpt from a post I put up earlier today about Robert Draper’s New York Times Magazine cover story:

… During Palin’s debate prep sessions in Philadelphia, Senator Joe Lieberman was summoned to offer support to the overwhelmed and demoralized candidate. “Schmidt says to me, ‘You’ve got something in common with her that we don’t have: you’re both religious,’ ” Lieberman told me. “He actually said, ‘Why don’t you go in and pray with her? She was on the phone yesterday with [former Gov. Kay Orr of Nebraska], and they’d prayed at the end, and it seemed to make her feel better. ’ ” …

2. And here are more comments Lieberman made recently to Newsmax magazine:

Sen. Joe Lieberman tells Newsmax that anyone who underestimates former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a political force “does so at some peril.”

In an interview with Newsmax chief Washington correspondent Ronald Kessler, Lieberman was asked about the success of Palin in galvanizing a following.

“I got to know her a little bit during the 2008 campaign when I was campaigning for John McCain. She’s a very warm and likable person,” Lieberman says.

There’s more at the Newsmax site, including the video interview, which I couldn’t for the life of me, get to embed here … sorry for my WordPress illiteracy. 😦

3. And here’s a video clip of Sarah Palin talking with Oprah about Joe Lieberman’s help in the 2008 campaign. (Sorry again for no embed …)

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