America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag Releases Today

Today’s the day Sarah Palin’s second book is released. Click on the book title at left to order a Signed Edition at I ordered for myself and gifts, but cheapskate me opted for free shipping, so most people will probably have the book read by the time I get mine!

Reviews are, of course, starting to pour in. Here’s one from Jedidiah Bila, who was a speaker at the Second C4P Meetup in Chicago just a week ago:

… The writer’s voice is warm and welcoming. The tone is optimistic and patriotic. And the writing style is uncluttered and forthright. Palin presents the American values she holds dear through a blend of personal stories and excerpts from writings that have inspired her. Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Milton Friedman, Abigail Adams, Margaret Thatcher, Booker T. Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Martin Luther King, Jr., are some of the historical figures whose words are brought to life through Palin’s text. …

Read the rest here.

And there’s also this review by Katie Pavlich at

… She starts the introduction to the book with a brief history of the Tea Party movement. Why it started, who the Tea Party is; and to anyone involved with the Tea Party, it is no surprise the people she describes are everyday Americans dissatisfied with the current political atmosphere in Washington. She references the Constitution in description of them, and reminds readers that this founding document does not state “We the Government,” but “We the People.” …

Read the rest here.

And here’s a snippet of Kathryn Lopez‘s brief reflections in National Review:

… This isn’t your traditional campaign book, by any stretch. This is more Book of Virtues meets biography, with long blockquotes and candid reflections. It stands on its own as a nice little contribution to our culture, campaign or no campaign….

Read the rest here.

Regarding that last “campaign or no campaign,” full disclosure on Kathryn Lopez is that, despite being very prolife, she is somehow still a Mitt Romney gal. To that end, she also mentions Palin’s words about Romney in the book.

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