Twitter Users Wish Death on Sarah Palin – as a result of the NYT and Politico among others?

New York Times, where are you? Paul Krugman, where’s your column of outrage about these tweets? Is there evidence that you, NYT and Mr. Krugman, ginned up these death threats?

Politico, where are you? Jonathan Martin, where’s your column inditing yourself and your colleagues for ginning up these death threats with your “incendiary” and “polarizing” writings about Sarah Palin?

Will you give up this sideshow narrative that you’ve created – which has nothing to do with the victims or the shooter – who should have been the subjects of your reporting?

Or will you cling bitterly to your own made-up news?

Will you at last remember that your job is to report the news?

Not to make the news or make up the news?

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