Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin speak on her use of “blood libel” – after declaring her an “honorary Jew”

The Left never learns.

Less than a week after they recklessly and irresponsibly raced to blame Sarah Palin for the mass murders committed by an evil (evidence he was into the occult), mad (evidence he was mentally unstable) man – and being roundly condemned and rejected by the American people for such crass and yes, libelous, behavior, these same shameless folks are racing recklessly and irresponsibly to condemn Sarah Palin for her use of ‘blood libel” in her statement today.

First of all, Glenn Reynolds of the Wall Street Journal was the first person to use this term in his editorial on January 10, 2011:

The Arizona Tragedy and the Politics of Blood Libel

The Left did not hysterically race to condemn Mr. Reynolds.

Second, did you on the Left see this post from January 11, 2011, by Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin (JASP), a group formed last spring by prominent Philadelphia and New York Jews?

Now Sarah Palin is an Honorary Jew

And notice, Leftists, their reason for making her such:

The propensity of the liberal media to blame everything on Sarah Palin reminds me of how the Jew-haters blame everything on Jews. Hence, I move to make Sarah an ‘honorary Jew.’

Yes, Leftists, your actions have made many Jews empathetic with Sarah Palin.

Third, Leftists, here is JASP’s statement on Sarah Palin’s use of “blood libel”:

JewsforSarah Statement on Gov. Palin’s Use of “blood libel”

Gov. Palin got it right, and we Jews, of all people, should know a blood libel when we see one. Falsely accusing someone of shedding blood is a blood libel – whether it’s the medieval Church accusing Jews of baking blood in Passover matzos, or contemporary Muslim extremists accusing Israel of slaughtering Arabs to harvest their organs, or political partisans blaming conservative political figures and talk show hosts for the Tucson massacre.

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