More Jews Defend Sarah Palin’s use of “blood libel” UPDATED

1. Sheya, an observant Jew, who started PalinTV, your #1 source for Palin’s TV, radio, speeches, and other available media dating back before she was Governor, posted this on Conservatives 4 Palin:

Partners in Blood

2. Alan Dershowitz, liberal Jew, posted this at Big Government:

Exclusive: Dershowitz defends Palin’s use of blood libel

3. Pam Gellar, founder of Atlas Shrugs, and member of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, posted this:

A Conspiracy Against the Mind, Against Life, Against Man and the Virtue of Sarah


4. Jeff Dunetz chimes in with another Jewish response at Yid with Lid:

What’s Wrong with Sarah Palin Using the Term Blood Libel?


5. Aaron Goldstein at American Spectator reiterates his 2008 claim:

Palin is still the Israel of American Politics

6. Adam Brickley, who created the successful blog, Draft Sarah Palin for VP, now in the Library of Congress archives, writes:

Speaking from Experience Regarding “Blood Libel”

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