My Response to Ezra Klein’s Self-Serving Response to Sarah Palin’s Statement on “America’s Enduring Strength”

At the end of this post is a comment I left at the Washington Post for Ezra Klein’s disingenuous and fatuous, self serving and Barack-Obama’s-2012-campaign-serving, response to Sarah Palin’s comments on the Arizona shooting.

First, here is Palin’s statement:

1. Text
2. Video

Please take a minute to read and/or watch; the video is about 7 minutes long and is the same as the written text.

I’ll wait …

Now, Klein’s arrogant and smarmy response is incomprehensibly titled, “Sarah Palin’s Missed Opportunity.”

The background on Ezra Klein is that in 2008 he started an email listserv of journalists that he called Journolist. This group unabashedly collaborated to run the “unofficial campaign of Barack Obama” in 2008. Specifically, after Palin’s selection as VP, they unashamedly plotted, with the likes of Joe Klein from Time magazine, to take Palin out.

1. Source for Journolist running Obama’s unofficial campaign
2. Source for Journolist taking Palin out

Now that you know just who and what Ezra Klein is, you understand that he is continuing to try to take Palin down on behalf of Obama, hence his illogical and misguided diatribe on “Sarah Palin’s Missed Opportunity.”

Here is the comment I left on his silly and dangerous piece [I hope this blog post will discourage even one person from any more reading, let alone subscribing to the Washington Compost (nickname h/t Mark Levin)]

Sorry, Ezra Journolist/Unofficial campaign of Barack Obama Klein, you’re way off here.

Your argument that Palin missed an opportunity is the equivalent of me saying you missed an opportunity to say you stopped beating your wife – after the whole force of your Journolist buddies had been accusing you of beating your wife for the last week.

Do you get it now?

You and your Journolist buddies accused Palin of being an accomplice to mass murder.

You and your Journolist buddies had no proof of such accusation.

And yet now, you say she missed an opportunity to defend herself from your evidence-less accusation.

So again, Ezra Journolister Klein, I ask you:

When did you stop beating your wife?

And as for blood libel, see here:

Have you taken it up with Glenn Reynolds of the Wall Street Journal?

You and your Journolist buddies have NO SHAME!

But your power is weakening and is soon over as influencers on our society.

Fair-minded Americans STILL BELIEVE in

1. Innocent until proven guilty.
2. The burden of proof belongs to the accuser.

The accuser in this case is you and your Journolist buddies, Ezra Klein.

Sarah Palin has no responsibility to defend herself against your accusations, which are based on not a scintilla of evidence.

Your continued work to take out Sarah Palin on behalf of Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign is duly noted.

And it will duly fail in 2012 …

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