Why the Dems-Media Cling Bitterly to the Political Rhetoric Narrative – and How Republicans Must Stand Strong – UPDATED!

[Sorry for the redundant hyphenation, but I’m practicing the drumbeat methodology of the Dems/media in repeating something over and over in order to drum it into the American psyche. You can substitute Democrat Media Complex for every instance of Dems/media, if you prefer.]

Here’s a brief timeline of the past week’s Dems/media narrative:

1. Within minutes/hours of the Tucson shootings, the Dems/media seized on the claim that “right-wing rhetoric and vitriol of tea party types and conservative media caused the shooter (at this point, still unnamed) to go on a rampage.”

Exhibit A: Markos Moulitsakos (Daily Kos) tweet: Mission Accomplished Sarah Palin

Exhibit B: Paul Krugman NYT): We don’t know if political rhetoric caused it but chances are high that it was.

Exhibit C: Sheriff Dupnik (Pima County) Vitriolic rhetoric of the right-wing caused this

2. Within 24 hours (after we at least knew the shooter’s name), when it became clear that right-wing rhetoric did NOT cause the shooter to go on a rampage, the media didn’t retreat, they reloaded with “the political rhetoric on both sides caused the shootings.”

Exhibits: Most media outlets and pundits, too numerous to mention (in other words, the vast school of dead fish media who, like only dead fish do, go with the flow)

3. Within 48 hours or so, when it became clear that the shooter was apolitical and had, in fact, been obsessed with Congresswoman Giffords since around 2007 – before the tea party or Sarah Palin emerged on the national scene – the Dems/media didn’t retreat, they reloaded with “political rhetoric on neither side caused the shootings but – we still need to tone down the political rhetoric anyway.”

Exhibit A: President Obama in his Tucson speech declares “It did not” – but we need to have a more civil discourse anyway.

Exhibit B: First Lady Michelle Obama in her Open Letter wrote that we need to talk with our children about political rhetoric and civil discourse.

Exhibit C: Lyn Sweet (Chicago Sun-Times) on Fox News Media Watch program January 15 says that we need to use the shooting as a “teachable moment” about civil discourse.

It is clear that the Dems/media are Clinging Bitterly to the political rhetoric narrative in relation to the Tucson shootings – in the face of all evidence.


I believe it is a calculated move going into the 112th Congress to mute Republicans from criticizing and Refudiating the 111th Congress and President Obama.

Within minutes/hours of the shootings, the Dems/media saw the shootings as an opportunity to bully the Republicans into backing off repealing Obamacare, issuing spending cut bills every week, vigorously debating raising the debt ceiling, etc.

So even though the political rhetoric narrative which they immediately latched onto has fallen into the quicksands of no factual basis, they continue to Cling Bitterly to it in order to alter the behavior of the 112th Congress.

Is it working?

Exhibit A: Apparently, SOTH Boehner is not saying that Obamacare is a job killer; now it’s a job destroyer.

Exhibit B: Dems/media calling for the two parties to intermingle their seating during the SOTU address. This is posturing to mute/bully Republicans in Congress to not visibly disagree with any points or policies the President may make in his speech.

Republicans, I urge you to remember Jesus’s parable regarding two houses, one built on rock, the other on sand. (Matthew 7:24-27, Luke 6: 47-49) I’m using the same metaphor to different ends here.

Republicans, your house is built on the rock of the November elections. The facts back you up. You were elected to Refudiate the actions and policies pushed forward – with much bullying and uncivil discourse of their own – of the 111th Congress and President Obama. That is the fact that builds the House of Representatives in which you now stand.

The Dems/media House of Political-Rhetoric-Needs-to-be-Toned-Down is built on the sands of no facts to back it up. They are sinking in the quicksands of no factual structure to their house – and they are Clinging Bitterly to the political rhetoric narrative to try to keep standing.

Republicans, don’t let the Dems/media bully you into backing down. Stand strong on the facts of the overwhelming November results.

That is why you were elected. This is your chance. Show us you get it.


Where the media leads, we don’t follow – NYPOST.com.

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