Rebecca Mansour is Sarah Palin’s low-profile, high-impact advisor

Check out the informative yet strangely selective profile of Rebecca Mansour linked below.

I type strangely selective because of this sentence, “Last month, Mansour was in Santa Barbara, where Palin spoke at a fundraiser for a Republican youth group,” and the article’s photo caption that refers to this mysterious Santa Barbara event. Why the mystery? It was the Young America’s Foundation Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday Celebration at the Reagan Ranch. Why not state these facts? Is YAF not an advertiser for the LATimes or something? Especially since the writer actually does include a box of corrections to the article. But no mention of the YAF Reagan Ranch Celebration. Weird.

Other than that, an informative piece with a minimum of snark (still waiting to see ANY level of snark in an Obama/Obama advisor piece):

Sarah Palin: Rebecca Mansour is Sarah Palin’s low-profile, high-impact advisor –

Sarah Palin wanted to meet Rebecca Mansour.

It was the summer of 2009 and the former Alaska governor was in Del Mar, Calif., working on her book “Going Rogue.” Earlier that year, Mansour had co-founded a website that offered detailed defenses of Palin’s record and acidic attacks on her critics.

Palin was impressed.

The pair hit it off. Mansour helped Palin with research on her score-settling bestseller, and a few months later, Palin offered Mansour a job with SarahPAC, Palin’s political operation. She would write speeches and help Palin craft messages that would bypass the traditional media (the “lamestream media” in Palinspeak) and target Palin’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers, which now number 2.7 million and 428,000, respectively …

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