Barack Obama, Sarah Palin Argue Over Energy Policy – Yahoo! News

Mark Whittington actually writes a fair and balanced story that’s actually worth sharing. Is the tide finally turning after two and a half years of nonsense reporting on Palin?

Once can hope!

Barack Obama, Sarah Palin Argue Over Energy Policy – Yahoo! News.

In part:

With the Middle East in chaos and the price of oil soaring, President Barack Obama decided that it was time for another speech on energy policy. The proposals in the speech were reasonable, but the reality, as Sarah Palin points out, is wide of the rhetoric.

After ridiculing Palin for her “drill, baby, drill” slogan, Obama claimed that he is indeed encouraging domestic oil and gas production “so long as it is safe and responsible.” …

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… Palin is having none of it. Within hours of Obama’s speech, which also had proposals for alternative energy and conservation, she posted the following on her Facebook page:

“We have the moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the de-facto moratorium in the Arctic. We have his 2012 budget that proposes to eliminate several vital oil and natural gas production tax incentives. We have his anti-drilling regulatory policies that have stymied responsible development. And the list goes on. The President says that we can’t ‘drill’ our way out of the problem. But we can’t drive our cars on solar shingles either. We have to live in the real world where we must continue to develop the conventional resources that we actually use right now to fuel our economy as we continue to look for a renewable source of energy.”

Palin also favors an “all of the above” energy policy, but one that actually develops domestic oil reserves in the near term.

The tit for tat argument over energy policy might be a hint of things to come for the 2012 election, should Palin decide to run. Palin knows quite a bit about energy policy, stemming from her days as an energy regulator then governor of Alaska. Furthermore, she has linked energy policy with economic growth and national security in what amounts to a Palin Doctrine …

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