Governor Palin on the Republican Leadership Convention and the 2014 elections

From Governor Palin:

Great to be down on the bayou today visiting active, motivated constitutional conservatives as we head into midterm elections! The Republican Leadership Convention is in full swing in New Orleans and folks are fired up! The schedule was packed and we’re grateful to you who make it possible to participate in events like this – trying to do our part to get good Americans elected. Thanks to the Tea Party Express for the inspiring rally in support of our grassroots conservative candidate, Col. Rob Maness! He’ll be a great U.S. Senator from here in Louisiana. Thanks for letting me join you today, Maness supporters; what a grand finale to hear this decorated combat vet’s passion for America. Admittedly, Col. Maness got me choked up as he articulated so perfectly the need for new leadership to defend America’s exceptionalism. He knows what’s going on in D.C. is unacceptable. It’s dangerous, it’s put us on the wrong path, and he’ll do all he can to stop this fundamental transformation of the nation he and his sons have spent decades protecting.

Great to spend time with FOX’s Sean Hannity on the air along with his enthusiastic live audience! Those kinds of interviews are pure fun. We pondered together what the leftist mainstream media won’t touch – what exactly IS the “Obama Doctrine?” And how did it happen – the election of someone who can’t grasp the mission of our military, nor prioritize resources to ensure its strength.

It was a pleasure to spend time with patriots like the honorable Col. Allen West tonight and our U.S. Senate candidate from Nebraska, Ben Sasse! Ben’s working so hard and effectively campaigning to work for all Americans with the servant’s heart we need.

It’s always like a breath of fresh air to hang with the Duck Dynasty family, and tonight the Commander himself – Phil Robertson – introduced me to a rising star who happens to be his nephew and should be in elected office! Keep your eye on Zach Dasher, encourage him to jump in the public service arena because the nation needs the courage, energy, and commitment to our Founders’ purpose that Zach can offer.

Tomorrow it’s on to Mississippi to support another great conservative – Chris McDaniel. I’d love to see you there helping elect another “reinforcer” for the good guys in the U.S. Senate. Chris is the man who’s running the race with such a positive message and workable solutions to save our republic. He agrees “the status quo has got to go,” so let’s help him get there to get it done. Friends, he’s solid. He deserves our support.

Again, nothing but gratefulness for the opportunity to touch base with so many of you on the road. You’re inspiring and full of hope, wisdom, and desire for truth. Thank you sincerely, Louisiana, for a warm, wonderful visit.

– Sarah Palin

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