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Governor Palin Speaks with Sean Hannity

Thanks to iizthatiiz for the video. Advertisements

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Governor Palin Speaks at the Iowa Freedom Summit

Kudos to Representative Steve King for organizing the Freedom Summit, though he did botch her introduction with factual errors. But he did a great job organizing the event. Thanks to iizthatiiz for the video.

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Governor Palin Invites Prime Minister Netanyahu to Visit America’s Heartland

From Governor Palin: Kudos to Speaker Boehner for inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress. Like most Americans, I’m scratching my head wondering how President Obama can take time from imperative administrative duties AND his golf schedule to sit … Continue reading

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Governor Palin’s Response to the SOTU

From Governor Palin: Despite all the happy talk and rainbow kisses in his second to last State of the Union address, President Obama has utterly failed middle class Americans who are making less and spending more to survive in his … Continue reading

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Governor Palin on the United States not participating in the Paris antiterrorism march

From Governor Palin: After the atrocious attacks of September 11th, the world unified behind our great nation, stiffened its collective spine, and took a stand against Islamic terrorism. Following last week’s brutal attacks in Paris by Muslims with the same … Continue reading

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Governor Palin on PETA, GOP, and SOTH

Click the link below for the Governor’s interview on The Today show: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Videos below courtesy iizthatiiz:

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