Governor Palin Invites Prime Minister Netanyahu to Visit America’s Heartland

From Governor Palin:

Kudos to Speaker Boehner for inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress. Like most Americans, I’m scratching my head wondering how President Obama can take time from imperative administrative duties AND his golf schedule to sit down for a peculiar interview with a neon-lipped YouTube blogger whose claim to fame is publicly eating Fruit Loops while submerged in a bathtub of milk, but he can’t find even a minute to meet with one of America’s closest and most important allies. We knew Barack Obama was green, but not this green. The White House goes out of its way to snub and smear the Israeli Prime Minister, while at the same time smiling and shaking hands with Iran. They never cease to amaze and defy good sense.

To add insult to injury, liberal organizations (see here: that claim to be pro-Israel are actually trying to stop our friend and partner in peace from speaking before our Congress. The good people of Israel must know that the majority of Americans are very happy to hear from their brave and honorable Prime Minister; we welcome him back to the USA! In fact, let us invite Bibi to “go rogue” and come to our heartland instead of the DC bubble this time and we’ll show him through open hearts, open minds, and countless standing ovations that we respect his commitment to peace. We love Israel. We will show their leader respect for his tough and practical stance against a nation that boasts its intentions to destroy both Israel and America. In this, Bibi Netanyahu is more the leader of the free world than he who should know better.

Please come to America’s heartland this time, Prime Minister. Allow We the People to thank Israel for remaining a beacon of freedom and democracy in a desperately troubled corner of the world.

– Sarah Palin

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