From Governor Palin:

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint meeting of our Congress. You’d think the Obama administration would welcome the insights of the leader of our closest ally in the Middle East. But President Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry have refused to attend. In fact, no member of the Obama administration is expected to attend.

This is a shocking insult to our ally, and it all boils down to the Obama administration’s refusal to understand the danger of a nuclear Iran.

All of the Obama administration’s many failures in the Middle East – from the descent of Libya into a terrorist playground to the rise of ISIS – pale in comparison to the farce unfolding in Iran. The Obama administration is negotiating with the Iranian regime as it builds a nuclear bomb right under our noses.

Just recently we found out about another “secret” undisclosed nuclear site, one Iran failed to disclose to our negotiators. At this point, the Obama administration’s eagerness to strike a deal with a regime that has armed militants who killed American troops and has sworn to destroy Israel is one of the most dangerous developments of my lifetime.

America has to wake up. We swore “never again” would we allow anyone to try to wipe out the Jewish people or commit mass genocide like we saw during World War II, and yet we’re allowing a regime that promises genocide to acquire nukes.

This is why I urge you all to express your support for Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is right now speaking as the leader of the free world in addressing this existential threat of a nuclear Iran. Please tweet and share this post and use the hashtag #StandWithBibi

Let our friends in Israel know we stand with them!

– Sarah Palin

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