Governor Palin on President Obama’s ‘Summer of the Flag’

From Governor Palin:

If you follow Obama administration actions this summer, you see it’s their “Summer of the Flag”. They seek to ban some flags, light up our White House in controversial colors of others, inexplicably wave the white flag retreating from Iran’s terrorist regime, and today actually raised the flag of a communist nation in the halls of our US State Department. Why then is it impossible for this Commander in Chief to honor our fallen military heroes following last week’s terrorist murder spree in Chattanooga? He did so after evil attacks on Americans in Aurora, CO and New Town, CT – so why not now, Mr. President? Why not our troops?

Demand he do so! Whether you agree with me or not on other issues, please join this effort. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything, and this IS something to stand for!

President Obama – we shouldn’t even have to tell you, but lower the flags. It is the sign of respect. Include our White House flag, for honoring our fallen who were killed on their Chattanooga base where they’re working and sacrificing for all of us – including you.

Join us in demanding President Obama lower the flag honoring our fallen who were killed on their Chattanooga base.

Read the rest and sign the petition if you’re so inclined here.

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