Governor Palin thanks Students for Life for rally to Defund Planned Parenthood UPDATE: added video

From Governor Palin:

Thank you, Students for Life! Your great group of activists and all the organizers of today’s ‪#‎WomenBetrayed‬ rally on Capitol Hill deserve huge kudos! The first-hand testimonies of women who’ve been deceived by Planned Parenthood were very touching; I applaud these ladies and their courage. Let us be so thankful for Senator Rand Paul who is a staunch defender of life, it’s an honor to join him in this worthy cause. Help get the word out about the thousands of health care providers who legitimately and ethically help women lead healthy lives – Planned Parenthood isn’t one of them. Our tax dollars should NOT fund this sham organization. Thank you, media, for respecting the participants today. Your fair coverage of this fight is appreciated. Congress, ‪#‎DefundPlannedParenthood‬ today!

See the original, with 18 photos from the event, here.

video from Students for Life

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