Palin Policy

The standard drumbeats by Leftists and GOP Establishment-types alike is that Palin doesn’t talk substance, isn’t serious about policy, or is simply uninformed about the issues of the nation and world. Such statements tell readers much more about the uninformed blowhards who spout such nonsense than about Palin.

To help them – and everyone else – become informed about Palin’s policy positions, I’ve collected and categorized her statements and speeches on issues. Click on the headings for each topic to find the many instances that Palin has spoken on these issues. Entries are listed in reverse chronological order.

This is a work in progress. I will endeavor to keep up with Palin as she refuses to “sit down and shut up,” and in fact, continues to be a “scoop artist,” according to the New York Sun

Feel free to use this as a reference in the blogosphere and elsewhere to refudiate the uninformed and educate them on Palin’s policy statements.



Foreign Affairs

Health Care

National Security

President Obama’s Administration & Policies

Republican Party

Right to Life

Special Needs Community

Tea Party

United States of America

Oh, and regarding her nearly 20 years of public service, check out “Palin Resume” and

Archives of Governor Palin’s State Website

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