Governor Palin on Obamatrade

Governor Palin’s response to President Obama’s second-to-last SOTU


“Caving on debt could drive one to drink.”

“Obama’s Debt Default is on His Shoulders While We Shoulder His Impeachable Offenses”

“My Call For Civil Disobedience Around The ‘Barrycades'”

“I don’t believe America has ever seen such a thing …”
October 1, 2013

debtfailureSeptember 27, 2013

“Taxed Enough Already?”
May 7, 2013

“More new taxes?”
May 7, 2013

“Kids: Follow Your Dreams, But Be Practical To Be Employable …”
April 11, 2013

“Once again, the American people lost when the Obama administration …”
April 5, 2013

D.C.: Cut the drama. Do Your job.
February 26, 2013


“President Obama is clearly revealing his rapid loss of any grip …”
September 13, 2012


How Congress Occupied Wall Street (Wall Street Journal)
November 18, 2011

American Crony Capitalism Brings Jobs to Finland
October 21, 2011

Crony Capitalism on Steroids from GE to Solyndra
September 14, 2011

Welcome, Union Brothers and Sisters
September 6, 2011

Congressional Freshman – For Such a Time as This
July 28, 2011

Lame Duck President
July 23, 2011

The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar: Now We Need New Leaders
July 9, 2011

Removing the Boot from the Throat of American Businesses
May 11, 2011

Commander in Chief’s Appalling Action with Our Troops
April 8, 2011

Setting the Record Straight on State’s Film Production Credit
March 30, 2011

NYT, There You Go Again
March 18, 2011

Union Brothers and Sisters: Seize Opportunity to Show True Solidarity
February 18, 2011

The Truth Behind the White House’s Budget Spin
February 14, 2011

On Sputnik vs. Spudnut
January 28, 2011


National Review statement: Omnibus Defeat is a Victory for Reality
December 17, 2010

Wall Street Journal Op-ed: Why I Support the Paul Ryan Roadmap
December 10, 2010

Bailouts Reward Bad Behavior
December 7, 2010

The Case for Extending All the Tax Cuts
November 30, 2010

Obama’s Clever Way to Punt the Tough Calls; Driving the Dollar Down
November 8, 2010

National Review article: Palin to Bernanke: “Cease and Desist”
November 7, 2010

Do Wall Street Journal Reporters Read the Wall Street Journal?
November 8, 2010

Pants on Fire, Still
August 7, 2010

Fact-checking the Fact-checkers on the $3.8 Trillion Obama Tax Hike
August 5, 2010

Institutionalizing Crony Capitalism
April 22, 2010

Stimulus Bill Anniversary Proves Not-So-Stimulating
February 17, 2010

Freedom, Influence, Security Shrinking as Budget Balloons
February 2, 2010


Thank you, Washington, for Requesting a Demonstrably Good Idea
November 12, 2009

U.S. Energy Department Reveals Strings Attached
June 7, 2009

Governor Maintains Stance on Stimulus Funds
May 21, 2009

Governor Palin Continues Earmark Reform
March 13, 2009

Governor Palin Continues to Express Serious Concerns with President’s Stimulus Package
February 4, 2009

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