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Governor Palin Encourages Dems to Become “Independents”

From Governor Palin: Yet another anti-freedom politician jumps in the race today for POTUS. As cool as he is with his rock ‘n roll persona, this typical liberal’s erroneous grasp of our Bill of Rights merely continues the strange and … Continue reading

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Governor Palin’s Post-Election Message

Thank you, wise voters! Tonight is a big victory for We the People! Credit is due to the victorious candidates. Your message to President Obama is undeniably received, though he’ll try to ignore it. Now, new Republican Congressional majority in … Continue reading

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Democrats, if your party has left you, leave your party and become Independent!

From Governor Palin: I Want to Hear From Anyone Who Still Supports This Guy; I Want to Try to Figure You Out This was posted to Obama’s Facebook page: http://chicksontheright.com/posts/item/26087-unbelievable Hey guys: If the General Patton quote offends you, take … Continue reading

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Congress Has America Caught Up in an ‘Endless Extortion Scheme’

From Governor Palin’s exclusive article at Breitbart: America is suffering from an epic case of Armageddon fatigue. Budget showdown, government shutdown, debt ceiling debacle—the stakes are real but the establishment seems to feed off the chaos they create as a … Continue reading

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