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Governor Palin supports Billy Graham’s plea for Iran to release Pastor Saeed Abedini

From Governor Palin: Please read Billy Graham’s impassioned plea to the new president of Iran imploring the release of the imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini. Bristol has been covering Saeed’s story for a long time on her blog. We are all … Continue reading

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“Sarah Palin Visits Reagan Country”

Sometimes it’s the questions you don’t ask that are telling. Case in point: the New York Times account of our event with Governor Palin last night. Young America’s Foundation hosted Governor Sarah Palin for the keynote address at the opening … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Surveyor Symbols and Crosshairs

Here’s what research looks like for those at the New York Times and the Washington Post’s Politico, who seem to forget how to do research for any story involving conservatives who don’t tow the Journolist/”unofficial campaign for Barack Obama”/Progressive line: … Continue reading

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Twitter Users Wish Death on Sarah Palin – as a result of the NYT and Politico among others?

New York Times, where are you? Paul Krugman, where’s your column of outrage about these tweets? Is there evidence that you, NYT and Mr. Krugman, ginned up these death threats? Politico, where are you? Jonathan Martin, where’s your column inditing … Continue reading

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Say Anything » Palin Gets That Tucson Wasn’t About Politics, Obama Doesn’t

Say Anything » Palin Gets That Tucson Wasn’t About Politics, Obama Doesn’t. Too bad the New York Times doesn’t get it. Now out there backing up their heinous Paul Krugman, who within 2 hours of the shootings, was blaming political … Continue reading

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Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Lieberman

1. Since this is a Connecticut for Sarah Palin blog, I want to point out specific news of CT interest: Let’s start with another excerpt from a post I put up earlier today about Robert Draper’s New York Times Magazine … Continue reading

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“Inside Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle” by Robert Draper

Hi all: Check out this surprising cover story from this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. It’s available online, but I just may have to purchase a hard copy … how much is the Sunday NYT these days anyway? Anyhoo, here … Continue reading

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